Testimonials From Our Senior Care Patients And Partners

Services - Post-Acute Rehabilitation

I was extremely pleased with the physical therapy I received from Arete Rehabilitation.  I had some set backs and I was well on my way quickly with therapy from them.  They researched and the technique I needed done worked out so well from them doing this.  The therapists are very nice, knowledgeable, accommodating, very interested in resolving any issues and to make it work for the patient. Thank you Janet and Lucille.  I am a happy, satisfied patient and will definitely recommend Arete Rehabilitation to other family and friends.  They go over and beyond for you!

-Patricia C, former patient with Rehab 365

Services - Post-Acute Rehabilitation

I have been working for Arete Rehabilitation for almost two years and I can honestly say that is a great place to work for and the staff is wonderful.

-Celinet R., practice manager

Services - Post-Acute Rehabilitation

I arrived at The Manor in Morrisville, VT on September 8, 2016 after hip surgery.  Having been well exposed to several physical therapy units in VT and AZ, I am pleased to advise The Manor did an excellent job in my rehabilitation.  The facility is well managed and acknowledges the needs of each individual resident.  My needs were analyzed and a personal PT schedule was developed.  I have come to know Andrew Lafleur, the PT Director and his staff for their compassion, dedication, and positive attitude toward the betterment of all the residents.  The PT department at The Manor is first on my list of recommendations for improvements in ones physical health.

-Arthur B, former patient at The Manor in Morissville, VT

Services - Post-Acute Rehabilitation

I just want to let you know how happy we are with your OT staff, Kristy. She is a great at communicating any patient issues with us and her notes are solid!

-Kim A., BSN RN-BC,WCC, Director of Clinical Services at Constellation Health Services

Services - Post-Acute Rehabilitation

The Arete Rehab team at Bel-Air has been great to work with!

-Bob L, Administrator, Bel Air Nursing and Rehab Center, Goffstown, NH

Services - Post-Acute Rehabilitation

Arete has served the Berkeley Retirement & Nursing Center for the past year.  The therapists are all professional and caring to our residents.  Their service is prompt when the staff has requested a screen.  Arete treats our residents on both the Nursing & Retirement Units with dignity & respect & always find ways to treat our residents regardless of physical or cognitive status.

Residents & staff have had no issues with this rehab service over the past year.  They always serve in a positive, helpful way.

-Joyce L., Director of Nursing at Berkeley Retirement and Nursing Center

Services - Post-Acute Rehabilitation

I believe that my decision to pursue rehab at The Manor with your team was a great choice.  I came here with certain goals, which I hoped to achieve in order to have more independence at home.  I had valve replacement surgery prior to coming here.  Andrew listened to my goals and along with Susie, Heather, and Sarah helped me to be successful in relearning how to do things for myself.  I have really appreciated their help, patience , and encouragement through this process.  What a great team!! Thank you all.

-Cynthia C., former patient at The Manor in Morrisville, VT

Services - Post-Acute Rehabilitation

I am proud to be part of a company that I believe in. Thank you Arete for giving me a place where I can love what I do!

-Renee N, Director of Partnership Services

Services - Post-Acute Rehabilitation

My experience with rehab here at The Manor has been wonderful from day one. I was encouraged to go beyond my ability but never pushed to do it if I felt pain. Everyone I met through the program always had a smile on their faces and always willing to help from Andrew Lafleur  and the whole crew.  Their attitude made me feel encouraged to do mu best and that I could do it.  We are so lucky to have the availability of such a wonderful facility here. I’ll recommend The Manor to everyone.  I waited too long to have my total knee replacement done and wished I had done it sooner.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the help that the rehab department gave me.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

-Marie B, former patient at The Manor in Morrisville, VT

Services - Post-Acute Rehabilitation

The help, care and attention of nurses, LPN and the whole PT crew made my stay here very positive and helpful in getting better. The PT personnel was very helpful. I enjoyed your smiles and encouragement.

-Mildred P., former patient at The Manor in Morrisville, VT

Services - Post-Acute Rehabilitation

After undergoing serious abdominal surgery at Copely Hospital and spending about 10 days at Copely Hospital recovering from surgery I was fortunate to have been released to this rehab facility in Morrisville, Vermont-I have heard nothing but horror stories from many friends and associates about their experiences in a variety of rehab facilities in many different locations including New York City and suburbs, Montreal, Florida, etc.  As a result I was expecting the worst and was definitely not looking forward to being in a rehab facility; however much to my surprise my experience here at the Manor, has been outstanding.  The care and concern the staff (professional medical as well as all of the extended staff from food services to housekeeping to administrative staff) has been outstanding.  There is a definite “can do” mentality that prevails and I could not ask for better treatment and just great professionalism.  As far as rehab is concerned, I would never have anticipated the care, dedication, and concern from every one of the rehab team that I have been attended to while I have been in this facility.  Everyone goes the extra mile- the staff are professional, knowledgeable, caring, and committed to getting me back to being able to fend for myself.  The equipment in the therapy room is very adequate and I have found the staff eager to work with me to maximize my recovery therapy.  I can’t say enough about the total experience; it has been overwhelmingly great!

-Sheldon K, former patient at The Manor in Morrisville, VT

Services - Post-Acute Rehabilitation

You have been very helpful in making me aware of my symptoms and how to control them.  I feel great now!

-Carolyn L., former Rehab 365 patient

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