Rehab Partner For Skilled Nursing Facilities

Independence & Quality of Life for Your Patients and Residents

Arete Rehab partners with skilled nursing facilities who are looking for tailored rehab services to meet the needs of short stay patients, and long term residents.

The Right Fit

At Arete Rehab, we work hard to understand your facility’s needs and its personality to fit your puzzle pieces with the right rehab staff that will help you succeed.

What Makes the Right Fit

A Partner that:

  • Is physically present on a consistent basis to communicate with you.
  • Works to understand your facility’s staff, operations, goals, and needs.
  • Finds the right staff that will fit with your facility to elevate care delivery.
  • Is willing to make staffing changes to optimize patient care, resident safety, and efficiency.
  • Has a dedicated and qualified rehab manager who participates in all facility meetings.
  • Is available for you when you need, 24/7, day or night.

Beyond Rehab

We know that resources are spread thin throughout facilities.  Therapists are experts who can help extend your resources.  We also work to:

  • Optimize patient and resident safety
  • Create activities to benefit patients and residents based upon the latest evidence
  • Support facility staff in patient safety techniques
  • Provide education to facility staff in areas that are identified
  • Help you market your facility and rehab services

The Arete Rehab Difference

Proprietary Programs Designed Based upon Customer Need

Consistent Rehab Staff

Treatment Time for Patients that is Determined Daily, Not Predetermined

Lowest Audit Risk as Compared to Our Competitors

No Non-Compete Clauses for Staff or Non-Solicitation Clauses for Customers

30 Day With-Cause Out Clause on All Contracts

Highest Level of Reimbursement Attained for Customers Compared to Competitors

Shorter Length of Stay for Patients than National Average

Partnering with Arete Rehab

‘Arete’ is the Greek word for excellence, and at our core, that is what we seek.


Partners Who are Physically Present

One of our biggest priorities for our customers is being routinely present in your facility to communicate with you and to solve problems.  Twice annually, our CEO and our VP of Operations will meet with you to review the prior six months, and to establish both short-term and long-term goals. Additionally, our VP of Operations is present in each facility on a monthly basis to meet with the rehab team and our facility partners.

Individualized Patient Care

We are striving to be a different kind of rehab provider both for our customers and our staff.  You want consistent staff, and staff want to be part of a team where they can provide high-quality, individualized patient care.  For that reason, when you partner with Arete, we will never pre-determine the amount of time that patients get per visit.  Each day, each patient is treated as is appropriate for that patient as determined by the licensed therapist.

Outpatient Services

When you partner with Arete Rehab, you also have the option of accessing our knowledge and expertise with providing outpatient services through your skilled facility.  Running our own unique outpatient services for seniors, we are experienced in the process of launching an outpatient clinic including becoming accredited with Medicare,  and billing for services to bill for services.  We are happy to  share this expertise with you to provide your facility with a new marketable service.  Our outpatient services are very unique in that we provide services anywhere in the community where it is convenient for a senior to receive care, including in the home.  This provides an added discharge option for short-term patients in your facility.

Do You Have a Plan for 2019 Readmission Penalties?

What started as a question from one of our present customers has evolved into Glow As You Go, our proprietary readmission reduction program.  We know that resources within skilled facilities can be sparse.  Glow As You Go looks to use resources that you have available within your facility to reduce the number of patient hospital readmissions.

Proud to Be

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