Educational & Exercise Programs For Seniors Centers

Knowledge for the Community

Arete Rehab partners with senior centers to provide evidence-based exercise classes, and educational presentations for community members.



Arete Rehab offers classes to communities via 3 payment methods:

  • Senior center is responsible for payment of the course
  • Arete Rehab charges participants a fee per class ranging from $5-$10 (minimum number of participants required)
  • Senior center pays for a portion of the course and participants are charged a fee ranging from $2-$5

Present Classes

  • Active Mind; Active Body
    • Participants complete strength and balance testing on first and final classes
    • Each class alternates between physical and mental exercises for the duration of the class.

Exercise Classes

Arete Rehab works with senior centers to learn the interests and needs of community members to create tailored exercise classes based upon evidence.

How it Works

Arete Rehab will

  • Meet with you to learn about your community members, surveying them if possible
  • Take the information gathered to conduct research and create a new class
  • Create marketing material for the new class contingent upon your approval
  • Run the class on days and at times that work for your community

Educational Presentations

Brains, Balance & Breakfast is Arete Rehab’s community outreach road show designed to promote senior health and wellness.

What is Brains, Balance & Breakfast?

  • Brains: A Licensed therapist provides a dynamic presentation using Powerpoint on a senior topic of your choice
  • Balance: A Licensed therapist will lead participants in exercises designed to increase strength and balance
  • Breakfast: Each event begins with a senior-healthy breakfast


Some of Our Topics

Keeping Your Brain Fit

The link between exercise and the brain

Drink Up! Dehydration Prevention

The importance of drinking water for overall health, and ways to stay hydrated.

Active Mind; Active Body

Normal vs. abnormal aging as it relates to cognition

Heart Health

Understanding how the heart works, how blood pressure affects the heart, and how to stay heart healthy

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