Arete Rehab’s clinical decisions are based on patient care needs and not the bottom line.
— Virginia Brackett, VP of Operations

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Reduce your patient length of stay and reduce re-admissions to hospitals. Arete Rehab partners with skilled nursing facilities (SNF) who are looking for tailored contract rehab services to meet the needs of short stay patients, and long term residents, while going above and beyond to help maintain your Five-Star CMS Quality Rating. We work hard to understand your LTC facility’s needs and its personality to fit the pieces of the puzzle with the right rehab staff that will help you succeed.

An Arete Rehab contract rehab partnership also improves statistics that matter to upstream referral providers like hospitals. We help reduce re-hospitalization rates and work to improve your census as our therapists are trained to recognize a re-hospitalization risk. They immediately recommend that the client be re-admitted to the SNF, rather than ending up in a hospital emergency room.

Why we're the right fit:

  • We are physically present on a daily basis to communicate with you and your SNF facility's staff.

  • We work to understand your LTC facilities’s staff, operations, goals and needs.
  • We find the right staff that will fit with your LTC facility to elevate care delivery.
  • We make staffing changes to optimize patient care, resident safety and efficiency.
  • We have a qualified and dedicated on-site Director of Rehab who participates in all SNF facility meetings.
  • We provide community-based Med B outpatient therapy services, including home-based therapy for short term rehab patients.

Dedicated Therapists

  • Clinic Director
  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech Therapist

We go beyond rehab by continually optimizing patient and resident safety, creating activities such as fall prevention programs to benefit patients and residents, support SNF facility staff in patient safety techniques, provide education to LTC facility staff in identified areas, and help market your long term care facility (LTCF) and rehab therapy services based upon the latest clinically-proven evidence.

Together, we can redefine successful aging. One senior at a time.