Schedule Your First Visit With Arete Rehab

Getting Started

When you first call Arete Rehab, you will be greeted by one of our staff who will ask you some questions to get you started on the path toward your first visit.  We will ask you:

  • Your name and date of birth
  • Your address
  • Emergency contact
  • Your primary care doctor
  • Your insurance information
  • Health care proxy (if activated by a doctor’s order)
  • Who referred you (if anyone)
  • Why you are calling
  • What type of services you need

My First Visit

Whether you choose to visit us at one of our clinic locations where available or we come to you, your first visit will be a chance for your Arete Rehab therapist to get to know you and your needs, and for you to get to know your therapist.

Before your first visit can begin, your therapist will seek consent for treatment*.

Once your therapist has been granted consent for your treatment, your first visit can begin.  It will typically last anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes.  During that time, your therapist will review your both rights as a patient and Arete Rehab’s privacy practices.  Your therapist will then ask you and your caregivers questions to learn more about your needs.  The more that your therapist can learn about you and your background, the better your therapist will be able to support you. Your therapist will ask:

  • What brings you to the decision to try therapy services
  • Your past medical history
  • Your present medications
  • Advanced Life Directives
  • How your home is set up
  • How you do moving around and if you use any special devices to help you move
  • How you do carrying out your day to day activities such as getting dressed, using the restroom, and showering
  • If you are experiencing any pain
  • If anyone assists you with any of your day to day activities
  • Your driving status
  • Activities that you enjoy or in which you are involved
  • Your present and former occupations as appropriate
  • Your goals for therapy

Your therapist will also perform a thorough assessment of some or all of the following as appropriate to your needs:

  • Your strength
  • Your endurance
  • Your balance
  • Your flexibility
  • Your memory
  • Your ability to communicate
  • Your ability to understand
  • Your ability to get washed, dressed, or use the bathroom
  • Your ability to swallow
  • Your ability to understand your diagnoses

At the end of the visit your therapist will take all of the information from your first visit to design a plan for your treatment which will include:

  • Goals designed by your therapist that reflect your needs and wishes
  • An anticipated length of treatment (ie: 3 weeks, 2 months)
  • An initial weekly visit frequency


*Health Care Proxy

While the idea of a health care proxy might seems simple, understanding how a health care proxy works can be confusing.  Simply designating someone as your health care proxy does not give that person access to making your health care decisions.  A health care proxy is only activated by a doctor’s order.  If your health care professional finds you to be competent to answer medical questions and you do not have evidence of an activated health care proxy, you will be in charge of your medical decisions.  Your therapist will seek your consent for treatment and will only communicate with the non-medical persons that you would like your therapist to contact.  If your health care proxy has been activated by a doctor’s order, your therapist will seek consent for treatment from your health care proxy and will only communicate with non-medical persons that your health care proxy permits your therapist to contact.

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Drop us a line anytime, and a representative from Arete will contact you.

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