Arete Rehab’s Mission, Vision, And Values

At Arete Rehab, we are on a mission to make a difference.

Arete [ah-reh-‘tay] is an ancient Greek word for “excellence.” Arete Rehab was founded by Dr. Janet Mahoney in 2013 with this principle in mind.  In response to the changing landscape of healthcare reimbursement, the financial challenges faced by long term care facilities, and a decline in overall rehabilitation services quality, Arete Rehab’s philosophy centers around patient care and the therapists who care for them.

Arete is aiming to promote healthy aging for seniors by redefining the way that rehab services are used. We are doing this by providing customized rehabilitation and preventative wellness services to seniors that evolve with their care needs. We provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy services at our unique outpatient clinics, and we partner with communities that also assist seniors to support rehab and wellness needs.

Our Mission

To make a difference for person, today.

Our Vision

Redefining rehab services for seniors to promote healthy aging.

Our Values

Accountability, Transparency, Integrity, Respect, Quality, Balance

Meet Artie

Artie is our distinctively different mascot.

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