Forms For Your First Visit & Payments


Below you will find forms that we will ask you to complete on your first visit.
Please feel free to download, print, and complete the forms prior to your first visit.


Outpatient therapy services are medical services that are either completely or partially covered by health insurance.  In some instances, health insurance may only pay for part of our services, require a co-pay per visit, or may require payment of a deductible.  

If you do not chose to use use your health insurance, you can pay privately for treatment.

If your insurance does not cover the cost of your treatment, you will be responsible for the cost of your therapy services.

Rehab 365 accepts Medicare as well as some private insurances.  In order to determine if Rehab 365 can accept your insurance, please give us a call or complete our contact form.

You can pay for your treatment over the phone, using our online portal, or by cash, check or credit card.

Call 833-212-3320

Drop us a line anytime, and a representative from Arete will contact you.


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