Arete Rehab specializes in aging, cognitive impairment and optimizing human motion. We can help you, your residents, and their family.
— Dr. Janet Mahoney, Founder & CEO

Assisted & Independent Living

As partners, we are stronger together.


Talk to Arete Rehab about what a partnership looks like with no added cost to your community.

With the changing environment in healthcare, independent living and assisted living are continually asked to stay more competitive. Senior living operators that want a competitive advantage in the market will look to update care methodologies, improve quality, invest in tech and consider diversification in the types of senior care offered.

What helps to keep your community on top?

Social interaction and engagement is always top of the list, but having your residents stay healthy and as independent as possible is key to residents staying in your community.

How do Arete Rehab's contract therapy programs invest in your senior living community?

A. Physical therapy with Arete Rehab isn't only for injuries, but can be a non-drug treatment that improves strength and endurance for pain associated with arthritis, cancer, Parkinson's, and even incontinence.

B. Arete Rehab's occupational therapists promote engagement in managing personal health and wellness, while maintaining or increasing ADLs/IADLs and advanced participation within the community. Recommendations can also be made to have home adaptations and modifications to maximize independence and safety.

C. Speech therapy with Arete Rehab plays an important role in working with residents within your community by assisting in differentiating between normal aging and disordered communication or swallowing function. Our speech therapists provide these services to those individuals who have communication, cognitive or swallowing impairments following illness, trauma or disease and play a role in preventing communication sand swallowing disorders by promoting a healthy lifestyle and educating consumers about how to precent stroke, amongst other ailments, that may lead to impairment.

We are passionate about your residents.

In addition, your staff will have help in assessing and promoting patient-centered care. It's important to look at each resident as an individual; no two people are alike. Your staff needs the extra support and we are committed to our communication being consistent and proactive.

We deliver evidence-based results. What are your goals?