Pneumonia is the 5th leading cause of death at the age of 65 and becomes the 3rd leading cause of death over 85.

Speech Therapy

Therapist owned and therapy-driven, Arete Rehab's speech therapists focus on our patients' talking, cognition, chewing, and swallowing capabilities—a small area of the body that has a huge impact on daily life.

What is speech therapy?

The main goal of speech therapy for seniors is to increase functional communication, cognitive skills and teach safe swallowing. Our speech therapists collaborate with both physical and occupational therapists, while using evidence-based treatments to design a plan just for you.

What will a speech therapist do with me?

With the assistance of your personal physician, an Arete Rehab speech therapist will create a customized treatment plan to target and achieve your specific goals — from skilled maintenance to stay strong or to recover from a fall or illness. Your speech therapist will provide a feeding and swallowing assessment and recommendations, assess and recommend assistive devices, provide interventions for improved communication and orientation and provide education to caregivers.

How can speech therapy help me?

Speech therapy can:

  • Maximize daily communication with others

  • Modify home environment to minimize noise and visual clutter to improve awareness and orientation

  • Assessment and modification of diet for safety and ease of swallowing

  • Assessment of cognitive deficits

  • Assist patients and caregivers in improving dietary intake

We’ve got your back and provide clinically excellent care in our clinics, in your community or in the convenience of your own home — to help keep you where you want to be.

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