October Is National Physical Therapy Month

Happy National Physical Therapy Month!


What is physical therapy?

The main goal of physical therapy is to help you get around freely and comfortably by developing a patient-focused plan using treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability.

What will a physical therapist do with me?

With the assistance of your personal physician, an Arete Rehab physical therapist will create a customized treatment plan to target and achieve your specific goals — from skilled maintenance to stay strong or to recover from a fall or illness. Your physical therapist will assess and recommend assistive devices, provide interventions for improved movement quality and provide education to caregivers.

How can physical therapy help me?

Physical therapy can:

  • Increase postural stability and improv balance

  • Integrate movements and motor planning

  • Maximize function with all activities of daily living

  • Increase strength, flexibility and endurance

  • Maximize safety and success with mobility

  • Create balance and coordination activities

  • Create compensatory strategies such as visual and verbal cuing

  • Work with you to improve gait training, aerobic fitness, strengthening, range of motion and flexibility


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