Gift Ideas to Prevent Falls

Are you looking for a holiday gift for a loved one or patient? Are you concerned about them falling? Consider investing in a gift that can prevent a fall in their home.

Holiday gift giving can have a profound effect long after the holidays are over. Practical gift ideas for your loved ones will not only keep them safe but also improve their quality of life. 

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Exercise DVDs

Exercise can help older adults maintain a healthy weight in order to avoid chronic health problems. It can also help to improve balance and bone strength, two elements that are vital to fall prevention at home. Who says exercising can’t be relaxing?

Non-Skid Fuzzy Slippers

Non-skid slippers are practical for fall prevention, but they also serve a dual purpose by keeping feet warm during cold winter nights.

Winter Boots with Rubber Soles

Good grip on the sole can help one navigate safely on the ice and snow. 

Medical Alert Devices

Seniors who experience a fall inside the home are more likely to get immediate help or medical attention if they own a medical alert device.

Transportation Services

Gift cards from ride-sharing services such as Lyft and Uber can avoid the extra drive time on winter roads and come in handy for medical appointments.

Grab Bars

Bed and shower grab bars provide extra assistance for mobility issues.

Falls are not uncommon among older adults. About 3 million people end up in the emergency room being treated for fall-related injuries every year. These falls can be prevented!

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