The #1 Cause of Fatality in Seniors

Arete Rehab is redefining successful aging.

Arete Rehab is redefining successful aging.

We recently attended the Amesbury Health Fair in Amesbury, MA. Held at the Senior Center, we were anxious to educate our audience about the importance of practicing home safety and the role of balance in reducing fall risk in older adults. Out of over 100 older adults who came to our booth, not one person could accurately identify the number 1 cause of death in seniors.

What is it you ask?  Falls.

Furthermore, only 1 adult out of over 25 who participated in a free balance assessment, was considered functional with their balance and at a low risk of falls.

A shocking 96% of participants were at a risk of falling, and this was in community-dwelling individuals!

The first step to preventing falls is through education! Let Arete Rehab help you starting with preventative maintenance.