Did You Know Rehab Can Reduce Elder Care Costs?


Rehab Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of quality rehab in a skilled nursing facility, or home care setting is the ability to lower the out-of-pocket elder care costs for caregivers.

Quality rehab by a physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech therapist can decrease an elder’s risk of falls, restore their ability to dress independently, or increase their cognitive abilities so that they manage their bills.  The greatest benefit of therapy is that elders gain independence.

Rehab Can Reduce Elder Care Costs

Not only does independence mean a greater sense of self-fulfillment  for seniors, but it also means money saved.  Independence can translate to one less hour of hired personal assistance, a savings of $20. It can mean one more year to stay at home before moving into an assisted living facility, a savings of $44,000. It can also mean one more month to stay in an assisted living facility before moving into a skilled nursing facility, a savings of $4,000.

Eldercare by the Numbers

With healthcare costs rising, and the number of elders who require care increasing, families are looking to save money and rehab can be the answer.