Meet the Director of Strategic Marketing: Adrian B. Diorio

We sat down with Adrian B. Diorio, Director of Strategic Marketing for Arete Rehab.

Adrian Bryce Diorio, Director of Strategic Marketing

Adrian Bryce Diorio, Director of Strategic Marketing

Q. Tell us about your background in marketing?

Adrian: I've always had an eye for design and with that came my discerning appetite for making things appear seamless and perfect. Marketing, advertising and the overall management of brands came natural to me. Previous positions I've held in Providence, Boston and Los Angeles include International Brand Manager, Global Brand Manager, VP of Marketing & Business Development, and Chief Marketing Officer.

The consistent learning of new remedies is essential and allows you to constantly put your skills to the test. And win.
— Adrian B. Diorio, Director of Strategic Marketing

Q. How did you get into the marketing of healthcare?

Adrian: Completely unplanned, it just kind of happened—but with good reason. As an only child, my mom has had Multiple Sclerosis since I was 8 years old. Over the course of my life, I've been in and out of nursing homes and have had to deal with all the "issues" that caretakers unfortunately incur. When this opportunity came along for Director of Strategic Marketing for Arete Rehab, a national rehabilitation company, I knew it was my calling to bring my past to light.

Now, I use my heart and emotions to foresee how images and content can alter an individual’s senses.
— Adrian B. Diorio, Director of Strategic Marketing

Q. Have you been featured in any notable magazines?

Adrian: I am lucky to have been featured in multiple magazines, with notable spreads within both Entrepreneur and American Marketing Association Magazines on topics such as "Looks Matter" and "Transparency Sells."

Q. Tell us about a couple of awards you've earned over the span of your career?

Adrian: The first award I ever won was as International Brand Manager for a startup boutique skin care company. The "Best of Rhode Island" award was courtesy of Rhode Island Monthly Magazine. The second was a "Top Young Professional Under 40" award presented by the New England Business Journal. Luckily, I'm still under 40! Both were humbling in their own ways, but the overall delight of winning an award from a professional standpoint in the marketing and brand management field is something that still drives my passion.

Q. What makes you emotional?

Adrian: I get emotional when seeing an elderly person represented in their best light. Through emotion-based ad campaigns, I'm able to portray real people in real life. These people are somebody's mother, father, son, daughter, sister or brother. Their face tells the story of their past and their actions show the outcomes from therapy with Arete Rehab.

Q. How have you worked in collaboration to change the face of Arete Rehab?

Adrian: Since day one I worked to rebrand the company's digital and print presence. This included a brand-new website, logo, and marketing materials—focusing on expert content and imagery. Arete Rehab simply is the best.

Arete Rehab is redefining successful aging.

Arete Rehab is redefining successful aging.

Q. What sets Arete Rehab apart from competitors?

Adrian: That's easy. We're a national company with the heart of a small business. The CEO, Dr. Janet Mahoney, founded the company to prove that not only can a rehab company be ethical and patient-centered, it could be profitable by empowering therapists to determine the appropriate level of care through realistic productivity requirements for each patient. In healthcare you can't make decisions solely based upon reimbursement. You have to do the right thing for the patient.

Q. What is your favorite thing about working for Arete Rehab?

Adrian: Two words. The team. A company is only as strong and productive as it's corporate team. I'm lucky to have amazing support from sales and operations.

Together, we are the heart and soul of Arete Rehab.
— Adrian B. Diorio, Director of Strategic Marketing