Adult Day Health Center Rehabilitation Services

Power for Your Participants

Arete Rehab partners with adult day health centers who are looking to offer rehab services to their program participants.

How It Works

Arete Rehab provides a team of licensed therapists to support the rehab needs of participants who attend your program.

Your Staff

  • Identify program participants with rehab needs
  • Send referrals to our office

Our Team

  • Verifies insurance coverage
  • Notifies the patient or family of any out of pocket expense
  • Obtains consent for treatment
  • Conducts evaluations and treatments when it works for you and your participants
  • Completes billing for services

Beyond Rehab

We know that resources are spread thin throughout facilities.  Therapists are experts who can help extend your resources.  We also work to:

  • Optimize participant safety
  • Create activities to benefit participants based upon the latest evidence
  • Support staff in safe transfer techniques


How Can Therapists Support Participants?

Keep Participants Strong to Lower Fall Risk

Recommend and Teach Use of Assistive Devices

Recommend Altered Diets for Safe Swallowing

Recovery after a Recent Hospitalization

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