I truly enjoy working for a company that is so passionate about maintaining independence for seniors in a variety of settings.
— Kimberly Monette, VP of Outpatient Clinical Services
senior rehab therapy

My First Visit

Whether you choose to visit us at one of our outpatient clinic locations or we come to your home, your first visit will be a chance for your Arete Rehab therapist to get to know you and your needs, and for you to get to know your therapist. Before your first visit can begin, your therapist will seek consent for treatment*

Once your therapist has been granted consent for your treatment, your first visit can begin. It will typically last anywhere from an hour to 90 minutes. During that time, your therapist will review your both rights as a patient and Arete Rehab’s privacy practices. Your therapist will then ask you and your caregivers questions to learn more about your needs. The more that your therapist can learn about you and your background, the better your therapist will be able to support you. Your therapist will ask:

  • Your past medical history

  • Your present medications

  • Advanced Life Directives

  • How your home is set up

  • Are you using special devices for mobility

  • Are there any challenges to your activities of daily living

  • If you are experiencing any pain

  • Your driving status

  • Activities that you enjoy or in which you are involved

  • Your present and former occupations as appropriate

  • Your goals for therapy

At the end of the visit your therapist will take all of the information from your first visit to design a plan for your treatment which will include:

  • Goals designed by your therapist that reflect your needs and wishes

  • An anticipated length of treatment (ie: 3 weeks, 2 months)

  • An initial weekly visit frequency