I truly enjoy working for a company that is so passionate about maintaining independence for seniors in a variety of settings.
— Kimberly Monette, VP of Outpatient Clinical Services


Physical therapy with Arete Rehab isn't only for injuries, but can be a non-drug treatment that improves strength and endurance for pain associated with arthritis, cancer, Parkinson's, and even incontinence. 

Occupational therapy with Arete Rehab promotes health and quality of life while supporting aging in place and preserving meaningful roles and occupations. Arete Rehab's therapists promote engagement in managing both personal health and wellness, while maintaining or increasing participation in meaningful occupations. Therapy can maintain or increase engagement in ADLs and IADLs. Recommendations can also be made to have some adaptations and modifications to maximize independence and safety.

contract rehab therapy

Arete Rehab's speech therapists work to assist in differentiating between normal aging and disordered communication or swallowing function. Speech therapists provide services to those individuals who have communication, cognitive or swallowing impairments following illness, trauma or disease. Speech therapists also play a role in preventing communication and swallowing disorders by promoting a healthy lifestyle and educating consumers about how to prevent stroke and other disorders that may lead to impairment.

As a leading national contract rehab provider, we can enhance yours or a loved one's quality of life.